Sunday, 12 July 2009

Plinth Watch Sunday

Well, since I was heading into town anyway to see 'Hamlet' (see below) I thought I'd pay a visit to my current favourite artwork in London, the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square.

I arrived just as Ms 1pm changed to Mr 2pm and off went the 3 feet blue penguin and on came the man with a deck chair reading the 'paper in his garden. Mr 2pm brought on four big pot plants to put at the corners of the plinth and then built his deck chair, got out his Sunday newspaper and sat back to enjoy a good read. I liked Mr 2pm, that's a nice idea.

Trafalgar Square was really busy this afternoon - I've no idea whether it's always that busy or whether the Plinth project has brought people out, but it was a lovely sunny afternoon so I took photos anyway.

After 'Hamlet' and after a meal we went back to check out the Plinth and found Ms 7pm who seemed to be an actress of some sort doing a one-woman play from the Plinth. Good for her.

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