Monday, 6 July 2009

Amanda Palmer in A Collection Of Musical Videos

God likes me at the moment. Not only do I get a new Buffy record today, I also received my copy of the 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer' DVD, full of the song videos and a couple of docu-vids of Ms Palmer being lovely. Or is that marvellous? Whatever...

It's the same packaging approach as the album, in a cardboard sleeve, but using a still photo from 'Astronaut' as the cover. I'm watching the documentary 'Amanda Speaks' at the moment, in which she talks about where she is, why she tours and why she signs after every show. She's lovely.

There's a video for every song on 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer', including new live videos for 'Blake Says' and 'Have To Drive'. The Michael Pope videos have short connecting films that I don't recall seeing before. It's great to see the videos on the big screen of my telly rather than the small screen of my computer via YouTube.

I've just been remembering when I first met Amanda - after the Patti Smith Meltdown show - when she signed my CD with a flourish. I fell in love that night. Amanda is Art.

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