Saturday, 4 July 2009

If It Feels Good, It's All Right - Ultra FUNK

A euphoric shout of 'If it feels good, it's all right!' is echoing round my living room this afternoon as I gather my funky stuff around me and get down to the beat (man).

The Chairmen Of The Board had some huge hits in the '70s but a song I heard for the first time a couple of years ago when I wisely invested in their 'best of' album is 'Life And Death' - I'd say that that song drips funk from every chord but that would be wrong, drip is so passive, it thrusts funk at you until you're covered in the stuff and start responding. And it has the wonderfully euphoric chorus line of 'If it feels good it's all right!'. Laden with a heavy bass line, electric pianos aplenty (well, they were new in the '70s) and the great vocals of the Chairmen make for perfection. It has a strong feel of Sly & The Family Stone about it which isn't surprising since Sly Stone wrote it.

If you have a single funky bone in your body then head on over to your music service of choice and download 'Life And Death' now. And then buy the album - it's full of forgotten goodies.

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