Thursday, 3 March 2011

Kate Humble & Spices

I've just watched the final episode of Kate Humble in 'The Spice Trail'. Kate has been tracking down the origins of some spices to their exotic locations in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Morocco and Mexico. I love travel programmes, seeing other sides of the world and bits of the world we might nor normally see, so in that respect, I'm part of the natural audience for a programme like this. Kate adds the charm and smile to the programme that made it irresistible for me.

Kate usually presents programmes on farming - sheep farming in the Yorkshire Dales spring to mind - so it's nice to see her in a different environment. Last week she was created as a princess on an Indonesian island and tonight she picked saffron from purple crocuses.

I've enjoyed the series and I hope to see Kate go on more adventures to track down the exotic and the glorious.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful smile and a gorgeous face , she lights up my day .

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous I could make love to her 24/7 .