Saturday, 25 March 2006

Retro Record Bag

I've been doing deep thinking about my next appearance at the Retro Record Bag evening. I could, of course, just turn up and play some favourite songs but that doesn't, well, seem right. It seems too easy. I need a theme, I need records in a sequence that works.

My last theme was "1972" and I was quite pleased with it, not playing the expected songs but songs that might actually make people think twice (and people seemed to like the songs). I've even thought about doing a secret theme, just playing songs with the words 'record' or 'bag' in the lyric (Pink says 'record bag' in one of her songs) but that might be going too far.

I think I might just make a stately progression through the years, so 1973 could be the basis for my next set list. Maybe just go all-out glam?

My new Sweet 'best of' arrived today and it is fab (naturally). It's got a couple of tracks that aren't on my 'greatest hits' or other Sweet albums and that is pushing me towards a 1973 theme - after all, it was their biggest year when they bestrode the world of pop like gods (slightly behind S L A D E but gods nonetheless).

I still haven't quite worked out how to play Buffy Sainte-Marie in the Record Bag though...

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