Thursday, 16 March 2006

ooh ow just a little bit, ooh ow just a little bit more

... or not as the case might be.

If you've been waiting with baited breath for the continuation of my open-plan office adventure then you'll be distraught to hear that I haven't actually been into the office yet this week. My back (the disc of infinitate slippage) has been playing up for the past couple of weeks and I think the packing on Friday was the final straw and it went on strike.

I could feel it coming on all day on Saturday, gradually getting stiffer, more painful and more awkward. On Sunday and Monday I was waking up at unGodly hours and hobbling into the kitchen for tablets before eventually heading back to bed to try to sleep before waking up a few hours later for more tablets. It's just so annoying not being able to stand up straight and having to hold onto furniture to move round the flat. And painful. Ouch. Paracetamol and codeine are a great help once they kick in.

It feels a lot better this evening and my back 'opened up' quicker this afternoon, enabling me to stand up straight without holding onto something. I should be able to make it to work tomorrow. I'll travel late to miss the rush hour (I'm not that stupid) but getting up and about should be good for me. I'll miss the Record Bag at the Retro Bar tomorrow night (Thursday) but I think that trying to do that as well might be pushing it a bit too far.