Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Maximo Park - 'Twelve'

The mighty Maximo Park (what I am seeing on Friday at the Royal Albert Hall) will release their first ever 12" ep in November called, surprisingly enough, 'Twelve'. As Paul says in his latest missive from Maximo Heights...

"... it gives me a certain amount of pleasure to announce a special treat for all Maximo collectors in the shape of our first ever 12" single, cunningly titled 'Twelve'. It's a classic format and we wanted to do something more 'dance' because Quicken The Heart is not only sparkling pop, but I find it promotes a wiggle of the backside and a brisk tap of the foot...

Apart from the 'I Want You To Stay' b-sides, we've avoided remixes largely because we wanted to define ourselves outside of our famous label. We approached some artists we respect and put out the call for remixes. 'Let's Get Clinical' proved popular with Clark (his remix is mental!), Tom Middleton (ultra-danceable!) and Hijacker (subtly addictive!), whereas dubstep pioneer Martyn fancied a crack at 'A Cloud Of Mystery' with intoxicating results. My vocal gets chopped up and completely mullered in versions that will hopefully appeal to new people as well as those of you with a toe in techno waters.

Preorder Maximo Park - Twelve on 12" Vinyl from Bleep
Preorder Maximo Park - Twelve on 12" Vinyl from Recordstore

It'll be available on the 2nd of November in Germany and everywhere else two weeks later on the 16th of that same month. You can preorder it from and Recordstore above in the form of 12" vinyl and the ubiquitous download. Available separately on download only will be some more "aceeeeed" mixes by Tom Middleton in the shape of a 'Dub' version and a '1989' version, too.

It comes in a nice fluoro-green sleeve and we're gonna bring a few with us on tour tonight. They're currently in transit and those going to the October shows in UK and Germany will have a first chance to hear this collection of beats and bleeps."

Aren't you pleased I told you? And isn't it just the right shade of *green*?

In addition, the Maximo lads have done a version of 'When' by Vincent Gallo (no, me neither) for the Warp20 album celebrating Warp Records' 20th anniversary. It's very dark and moody and available for download as a bonus track on iTunes.

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