Saturday, 8 December 2007

More Trees

It's very handy having a camera in my phone since it means I'm always ready to take a photo or two. Leaving work last night gave me the opportunity to take some more pics of festive trees, or rather, one festive tree with different backgrounds depending on where I stood.

This is the Tree outside the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre just opposite Westminster Abbey, so here we are with the Abbey in the background...

... and with Westminster Central Hall in the background (that was the first meeting place of the United Nations General Assembley as a plaque on the wall proudly notes).

I then wandered up a strangely empty Whitehall to see how the Trafalgar Tree had settled in now that the rain has stopped and it was getting chilly. Firstly, an attempt at an arty shot with one of the Grrr Lions in the foreground...

... and one with Nelson's Column (I like the cloudy sky) with a tiny Big Ben in the distance.

After doing some shopping on Tottenham Court this rather nice holly wreath on the front of this building caught my eye - I've no idea what the building is (and wasn't sufficiently interested to go over to look for signs) but I approve of the owners entering into the spirit of things.

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