Thursday, 6 December 2007

Lights And Trees

Continuing my reporting of Christmas in London I thought I'd go to the ceremony in Trafalgar Square for the grand lighting of the Christmas Tree. It doesn't matter when the shops start putting up their Christmas decorations, the Trafalgar Square Tree is the start of the festive season.

Every year since 1947 the people of Oslo have gifted a tree to the people of London as a thank you remembrance for support during the Second World War. The King of Norway and the government spent the war years in exile in London while Norway was occupied. It's a nice gesture from one country to another and it's still going on. It always seems to be a tall, thin tree.

The guest of honour at the ceremony was the Norwegian Prime Minister who made a short speech reaffirming the thanks of his country for the support during the War. The lights were switched on by the Mayor of Oslo. The Salvation Army brass band played carols and the choir of St Martin's sang, Trafalgar Square was packed with tourists and it was all very nice - except for the constant drizzle. It's been raining all day and it continued this evening, which is a shame.

After Trafalgar Square I went for a wander and was lured into Leicester Square by the gleam of lights and stumbled on the fun fair set up in the square. I like fun fairs and I like the way that most of the rides are the same as when I grew up - dodgems, carousels - with something a bit more techy to prove it's the 21st Century. Candy floss, sugar dummies and all the rest.

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