Sunday, 2 December 2007

Maximo Park - 'Karaoke Plays'

'Karaoke Plays' is the new single from Maximo Park, released on CD and vinyl tomorrow (Monday 3 December). Of course, if you're clever, you go to iTunes and download it today.

Tracks available for download are:

Karaoke Plays (Radio Edit)
George Brown
Jean Baudrillard

Jonathan Cole
Karaoke Plays (Live at 1Live)

So that's three more 'obituary songs' to add to those from the other singles this year - on a first listen, I prefer 'Jean Baudrillard' with Paul's voice sounding good (the tender yearning of 'the more energy we burn the freer we become'). I wonder if we'll get them all collected together as an album at some point? 'Missing Songs' is the collection of 'b' sides from the singles from the first album.

I'll head up to HMV tomorrow to pick up the physical CD which also includes their magnificent version of 'Like I Love You', an 'Our Velocity' ringtone and other online content! In the meantime, feel free to watch and listen to the single here:

The lads' site gives full details of the single:

Released on 3rd December, the formats include 3 brand new Maximo Park tracks, the band's version of Justin Timberlake's 'Like I Love You' PLUS exclusive content on the CD and extra special numbered 7"s with silver print, coloured vinyl and free posters.

The obituaries series of b-sides continues with French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, 50's calypso singer George Brown and English painter Jonathan Cole.

The white and silver 7inches are very limited, numbered and come with free posters featuring handwritten lyrics – in fact they’re so good they’ve fallen foul of the chart rules! There’s al
so an enhanced CD to look out for.

The package is intended as a bit of a thank you to fans for the support in 2007. It's been a very busy year since OEP was released in April and the aim is to round off the year with something a little different!


Enhanced CD
1. Karaoke Plays (Radio Edit) 2. George Brown 3. Like I Love You Exclusive Enhanced Content: Karaoke Plays Video, Animated Lyric Booklet, Our Velocity Ringtone

7inch 1 (Numbered White Vinyl)
A. Karaoke Plays B. Jean Baudrillard + Free Poster

7inch 2 (Numbered Silver Vinyl)
A. Karaoke Plays (Live at 1LIVE) B. Jonathan Cole + Free Poster

Digital Exclusive 1 (Recordstore Bundle Only) 1. Karaoke Plays (Acoustic Version)

Digital Exclusive 2 (Recordstore Bundle Bonus Track)
1. Karaoke Plays (Live at 1LIVE)

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