Sunday, 22 February 2009

Did I Go Waaah?

I most certainly did not go waaah. I was brave and decided to soldier on in my own quiet way.

My iTunes library crashed for some strange reason the other night. One minute I had about 19500 songs and the next I had a mere 4000 and all my playlists and purchasing history had gone. After some harsh language and gnashing of teeth I searched for the files and imported them back into iTunes. Phew. It took an age but they were there. Or, at least, around 19000 were there.

So I hunted for other stashes of music files, downloaded from other sites and from music blogs and added another few hundred. A lot of these are duplicate files since, if I like the music, I buy the CD or the full download later. But, because I lost my playlists, I also lost the playlists that were waiting to be burned to CD, random songs I keep together for future burning. But I haven't burned anything since well before Christmas (even the sacred Poly Styrene Christmas single hasn't been burned yet). So this weekend I've been slowly going through loads of music files to decide whether I've already got hard copy or will need to burn them. It's a slow business.

This morning I burned another eight CDs worth of albums downloaded from iTunes or Amazon over the last few months. Then printed covers and track listing only to realise I've run out of cases. A trip to WH Smith sorted that, but why do empty CD cases cost £5.99 for 10 when a pack of 10 cases with blank CDs costs £4.99? I'm dumbfounded by the sales logic of this.

So. More burning is needed as I sort through files and decide which songs I don't have in hard copy. And then, I need to back up the whole library. I have an external hard drive but haven't backed it up since last summer. Silly me.

Hear my words of wisdom - back up now!

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David said...

Such an awful feeling when that happens