Sunday, 1 February 2009

Alex Harvey

This week sees the anniversary of the birth and death of Alex Harvey - born on 5 February 1935 and died on 4 February 1982.

Two 'new' Sensational Alex Harvey Band albums are being released over the next few weeks - 'Live at the BBC' on 9 February and 'Hot City - The 1974 Unreleased Album' on 30 March.

I saw SAHB with Alex play live only once, way back in 1973, but the memory lingers. Over the last few years I've been slowly collecting Alex's work from the early 60s onwards and the one thing that comes across loud and strong in all his music is his seering originality and consistent vision about himself and his role in music.

One of my favourite songs is 'Last Of The Teenage Idols', a semi-autobiographical song Alex wrote about being the Scottish Tommy Steele back in the '50s but not really making it until the 70s. 'Anthem' always brings a tear to my eye, a mournful song played at his funeral that is forever bound up in hope and pain and greatness.

If you remember Alex then play one of his songs this week and raise a glass - he'd do the same for you, y'know.

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