Sunday, 6 July 2008

'There'll Always Be An England' by the Sex Pistols

After my mammoth self-indulgence last November of seeing the Sex Pistols on three nights at their residency at Brixton Academy, what better way to re-live and remember the experience than the new live DVD from the Pistols, 'There'll Always Be An England'.

The footage faithfully recreates the gigs and the power and majesty of those snarling, rabid monsters of yesteryear and I can't help but feel they've never been bettered in the teenage rebellion stakes. Their one album and handful of singles have stood the test of time and you get the best and loudest versions on this DVD, opening with 'Pretty Vacant' and closing with 'Anarchy In The UK'. What more could you want? If you go to the setlist section of the menu you also get a killer version of 'Roadrunner' which, on the last night of their residency, was dedicated to Denton the Bear.

There's also a great documentary as an extra that follows the Pistols around London as they visit their favourite haunts and talk about the old days. This is a great addition to 'The Filth & The Fury' documentary.

My only criticism of the DVD is that there's too much footage of the crowd at Brixton and, of course, it's always the wierdos that get camera time, those with old punk hair or snarling or making V signs at the camera. Why? It doesn't really add to the experience.

It's great to have this footage of the Pistols live and still dangerous after all these years. And I was there for some of it!

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