Thursday, 28 April 2011

"This One's For Poly..."

Goldblade paid tribute to Poly Styrene on Tuesday night in Seattle by playing 'Oh Bondage Up Yours', the classic X-Ray Spex song from 1977. The video isn't particularly good and the sound is awful, but it's heart-felt and that's what counts.

Goldblade was the support band for Poly's triumphant 2008 X-Ray Spex gig at The Roundhouse and she joined them on the Christmas single the following year, 'City Of Christmas Ghosts'. For the single alone, I thank Goldblade for making a new Poly song available, and it's a great song too.

Poly is reported to have said that if she's remembered, it'll be for 'Oh Bondage' and she'd rather be remembered for something more spiritual. I suspect she's right, at least by people who don't know her full and varied songbook. But 'Oh Bondage' was the song that made people first notice this girl with a clothes stall and an odd name. I first heard it on a 10" punk compilation in 1977, from the Roxy I think, and then tracked it down to see what was on the B side. And then came all the classic singles and the rest is history.

Also, here is Poly's last rendition of the song from the Roundhouse gig in 2008. It popped up on my iPod this morning and I couldn't help but break out into a big grin for the infectious fun in the voices and the raucous sax, so perfect. And, of course, as I will never tire of saying, I was there that night!

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