Friday, 29 April 2011

Radio 6 Tribute to Poly Styrene

There was a tribute programme to Poly Styrene on Radio 6 last night with some of her classic songs, including her very first single as Mari Elliot, 'Silly Billy'. It was Poly's last interview and it took place a few weeks ago. As well as playing songs from X-Ray Spex and 'Generation Indigo', it also plays two songs from 'Flower Aeroplane' that have possibly never been played on the radio before, 'Beautiful' and 'Airplane'.

Poly sounds quite delightful, with a touch of mischief and fun. Her voice is breathy but she's enthusiastic and positive, wanting to talk and mentioning that she's planning to re-write a couple of new songs with Youth. It's lovely to hear her reminisce about the early days and it's all quite touching. I hope there's more to come.

It's on the BBC iPlayer for a week, so listen to it while you can. Click here.

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