Saturday, 27 February 2010

SLADE - 'Radio Wall of Sound'

All I can say is 'WOW'! I've never seen this before, SLADE performing live for the very last time on Top Of The Pops with their last hit (so far) in 1991. Even though Jim sings lead vocals for a change, Sir Noddy can't help but be noticed. Thanks to the 'SLADE are for life... not just Christmas' Facebook group for posting this.

That video has made me think, though... the effortlessness of their stage presence, the raucous guitars, pounding drums and, of course, Sir Nod's vocals ... wouldn't a reunion gig (or tour) be pretty damn fabulous? Sir Noddy must get fed up with fans telling him to rejoin the band, but if he and Jim got back with Dave and Don, and it was handled right, it would be one of *the* events of the year. A live CD/DVD package of the gig, repackaged 'greatest hits', a DVD of unseen telly footage from around the world (there's loads in the vaults) and maybe, just maybe, an album of new songs .... I can dream...

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