Thursday, 18 September 2014

'The World According to Noddy' by Noddy Holder

The new book from Sir Noddy Holder is out now - sort of.  'The World According to Noddy' is available as an ebook from Sainsbury's, yes, the supermarket chain. I didn't know they were in the ebook business but I do now since they seem to have a deal going that Noddy's book is only available through them until February next year when it gets a more traditional publishing (ie on paper). To read it now you have to download the Sainsbury's ebook app which gets a right mauling in the app comments so I think I'll be patient and wait for the good old fashioned paper version.

The blurb for the book calls him the 'thinking grandmother's crumpet'. Um… I don't think Noddy has ever really been crumpet and I don't think he'd mind me saying that at all. The pretty boys in SLADE were always Jim and Don but Nod had the voice, one of the great rock voices ever, and I'd love to hear it again on some new songs. I'll wait patiently.

That cover is awful and looks very cheap. The photo looks old and is badly cropped with a bit of chair sticking out behind him. I hope the printed version has a better cover. Please!

I wonder if there'll be readings and signings? No news yet but I'll watch out!

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