Friday, 19 September 2014

PolyFest 2014

I'm happy to report that PolyFest 2014 will take place over two days at The Half Moon in Putney. PolyFest is named in memory of the wonderful Poly Styrene who left us in 2011 but whose memory still burns bright. I went to the first PolyFest in 2013 and had a good night out with the mixed bag of performers, some of who are returning for a second time this year. Tickets available here.

The good Doctor and the Medics gave a stonking performance last year and are well worth seeing, as is the lovely Anita Harris (wonder if she'll wear her leather waistcoat again as a nod to punk?). Sham 69 is, I assume Jimmy Pursey who should be fun and I'd love to see and hear Judy Tzuke - she was around in the late 70s but so far away from punk that I can't imagine what she'll sing.

I'd love to see The Ruts (no idea why they're called Ruts DC now), John Otway, Splongenessabounds and Neville Staple. The years will, no doubt, have taken their toll but good on them for still being on stage and I hope they sing some of Poly's songs.

I'm seeing John Cooper Clarke at the Royal Festival Hall on 4 October (tickets bought ages ago) so I'll miss Anita, Judy and the Doctor but I'm free on Sunday night so I may just pop over to Putney for a beer or two and relive my youth.

I wonder if Celeste Bell, Poly's daughter, will be there again?

And here's a great reminder of Poly…

And yes, I *am* listening to 'Generation Indigo', Poly's last album, as I write this. I wish she'd had the opportunity to sing these songs live. She said she wanted to. And what great songs they are.

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