Friday, 29 August 2014

Sex Tape Sexism

It's not often I go into one but seeing this poster on Brixton Hill really annoys me. Can you see why?

I last had a rant about sexism and misogyny five years ago (almost to the day) about the Sugababes single, 'Get Sexy' and this poster just sets me off again.

It's at one of the bus stops about halfway down Brixton Hill and I'm forced to see it every day. It rather begs the question about why Cameron Diaz is exposing so much flesh when the bloke (who I've never heard of) is covered up, even to the extent of wearing socks? How can this be anything other than sexist?

Cameron has been a name for, what, 15 years? So why does she feel she needs to expose her legs and arms like this, especially next to a nobody? Is it because sex sells and the ad men have come up with this poster? Or because she wants to show that she's still attractive? But the oddity is that the bloke even has his feet covered.

Of course, people and companies can present themselves and their products however they want, but, why am I forced to see it? Why is it so accepted these days that it's acceptable to see a women in knickers in a poster in the street next to a fully clothed man? Doesn't that seem a little bit odd to you?

I don't like it.

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olderthanelvis said...

Flesh-coloured knickers too, so it looks from a distance as if she is naked. Bah.