Monday, 7 July 2014

Buffy Sainte-Marie at Southern Fried Festival

Buffy Sainte-Marie will, once again, be jetting in to these shores in a couple of weeks time to play at the Southern Fried Festival in Perth on 25 July. Yes, Perth Scotland. And, sadly, I won't be in the audience. I've done the sums and it would be the most expensive gig ticket ever in this country taking into account trains and a hotel but I'm pleased to see it's virtually sold out. I won't be seeing Buffy but you lucky Scots will so please give her a cheer from me.

My most expensive Buffy gig (and most expensive gig ever) was when I saw her play in Belleville in Ontario, a couple of hours train ride from Toronto, in 2005. I didn't realise Buffy was even still gigging when I found out about Buffy in Belleville and decided it was time I saw her play live. And I did. At the Empire Theatre and the world exploded into multiphonic powwow when the audience joined in the powwow singing all around me. That was a big wow that has never been repeated. I met Buffy for the first time that night and the signed poster of the gig still hangs on my living room wall in pride of place. The first time is always special.

Still, that means that Buffy and, I hope, her band (hello lads *waves*!), will be jetting into London towards the end of July before heading up to Scotland. There's still the chance of a last minute gig being announced in London so I'll be scanning the music news regularly. Buffy will rock your socks off, make you cry and make you fall in love all over again. She will, y'know!

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