Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Theatre Is Still Evil

So, Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra are no more. I missed the news a couple of weeks ago but have now caught up. After a two year round the world adventure the project is over and the band go their separate ways. Amanda is moving into a house in New York State with Neil and then heading down to Australia for the winter to play some gigs and write her book. I'll miss the madness.

It's been a very strange ride with Amanda and her boys with some ups and downs but never any quiet. I remember Kickstarter and supporting the project, getting excited as the total crept up and went past the $1m mark. And then getting gifts of songs ever now and then - I remember listening to 'Do It With A Rock Star' on loop the day I downloaded it and it's still one of my favourite songs.

Going to the London art and rock shows at Village Underground and writing on a naked Amanda with a purple felt pen. Then, later, seeing the band at Koko and, later still, at the Roundhouse. I was so proud of the Roundhouse gig - a rock star jas arrived. And she sang naked to the Daily Mail.

The band may have gone with the project but the music is still here. Go on, listen to it and enjoy.

Thank you Amanda, Michael, Chad, Jherek and Thor - rockstars one and all!

Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra “Do It With a Rockstar” (FULL UNCENSORED - NSFW) from Amanda Palmer on Vimeo.

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