Monday, 16 December 2013

Heroes Are Normal Size Too

I've just found out that there is a 'fan' page on Facebook for Don Powell and had to click 'join'. As soon as I did I whizzed back in time to seeing Don for the first time back in 1973.

Isn't it odd how heroes can inspire and disappoint? Back then, SLADE were my heroes and Don was (and still is) the drummer with the band. They were loud and brash and in your face with some great songs and a fun attitude. It was the height of glam rock and glitter and sparkle was everywhere and Noddy had his mirrored top hat. I was excited to be seeing the pop group I'd only ever seen on telly, more often than not, on Top Of The Pops.

They were supported by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band so the first band I ever saw was SAHB. I can still remember Alex on stage being all theatrical in his stripy tee shirt and Zal strutting round in his make up and heavy guitar riffs. But, that night, it was SLADE I was waiting to see.

And on they came, my heroes striding onto the stage to pick up guitars and stroll to the mics and my jaw fell open. They weren't giants! They were about the same size as my Dad! Could this be SLADE? And then they let rip and yes, it was SLADE up there on the stage. I vividly recall my surprise at them being ordinary sized blokes rather than giants. That was an illusion knocked down right there. But they sparkled, they were loud and Nod swore. They never stopped, climbing up onto the silver-wrapped amps and Dave throwing glitter into the crowd at the front (he's still daft but doesn't throw glitter around these days).

I don't know where that memory came from but it was an important thing to learn. Heroes are normal size too. Even SLADE.

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