Thursday, 5 December 2013

Advent #6 - 'I'm Going Home'

Four or five years ago Justin Lee Collins did a documentary on Channel 4 about the Christmas No 1 over the years which ended with him trying to make a new Christmas No 1 record. He rounded up a load of folks from the classic '70s hit making machines and got them together to record 'I'm Going Home'. It was available to download immediately after the programme and I did. I've only just found this video of the recording of the song and wanted to share it as my Advent Calendar Number 5.

I play this endlessly every year - I think it's a damn good song! I've never seen this video from the programme before so I'm eager to share.

The song is sung by David Essex and with guitar and drums from Dave Hill and Don Powell of SLADE along with Jona Lewie and members of the Glitter Band, Showaddywaddy and Mud. It was written and produced by Rob Davis of Mud (yes, the one with huge ear-rings and flares) who also wrote Kylie's global hit 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' (so he knows how to write a song).

I don't think this was ever released properly which is a shame because it really is a good song and it's great to see the old-time glamsters still going strong. Enjoy!

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