Sunday, 5 December 2010

Advent 5 : Christmas Was Better In The 80s

Day 5 in my advent calendar and it's a song that hasn't even been released yet, 'Christmas Was Better In The 80s' by The Futureheads. This is fab and will be my first Futureheads record when it's finally released on 19 December.

Let's get something straight here, Christmas was not better in the 80s - Christmas is always perfect for all times. I recall long, five - seven hour coach journeys to Newcastle for Christmas with the family before I could afford train tickets. I also remember trying out my first Walkman when my neighbour in the next seat let me listen to Bowie's 'Let's Dance' on his Walkman and I was amazed by it.

I recall Christmas Eve in the Cricket Club and then going again at lunchtime on Christmas Day, a tradition that continued largely unchanged, although with fewer in attendance, until my Dad left us. We also got one of those new-fangled video recorders in the early 80s - doesn't technology change quickly? And, of course, we had Band Aid that revived the Christmas single.

Other decades brought similar highs and lows but I'm happy to include this song in my advent calendar.

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