Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Power Of Buffy (Part II)

After seeing Buffy Sainte-Marie's Queen Elizabeth Hall gig in London last year, strange events happened that I put down to the power of Buffy (read about it here). Well, it's happening again...

Channel surfing this afternoon who should pop up but Noddy Holder and his wife on 'All Star Mr & Mrs', a repeat of the show last night. I had no idea he was on it - or that the show even existed, although I remember it being a tea-time show in the '70s - so it was a nice surprise to see Sir Noddy. There are some clips on the show's website. They seem to be lovely couple and actually won the show, donating the £30,000 winnings to the NSPCC.

But there is more.

Chris was browsing the web and saw a reference on 'The Guardian' website to a new song that samples Buffy's vocals from her version of 'The Bells' and he promptly tracked it down. It's an odd track that seems to be a blend of The Glitter Band's stomp from 'Angel Face', snatches of the melody from Atomic Rooster's 'Tomorrow Night' and slightly speeded up vocals from Buffy's 'The Bells' from 'She Used To Wanna Be A Ballerina'. And you know what? It works. I like it. It's available to download on Amazon and iTunes and probably elsewhere.

Intrigued? I was! It's called 'Say Goodbye To What' by Bullion - give it a listen and then download it:

So, that's Sir Noddy and a new Buffy track. Now I just need to wait for the power of Buffy to bring Amanda Palmer to me in some form - maybe the tickets for the Evelyn Evelyn gig will be delivered tomorrow or something? I can hardly wait!

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