Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Fat, Beardy, Bald And Grey

Ok. Tonight has been terrible. So far. Well, today hasn't been too good either.

Not only did Gareth blog about ageing in terms of getting fat, beardy, balding and grey (which rung bells with me), but I accidentally saw the review of Sandra Bullock's new film and, liking Sandra, thought I'd look at her wiki entry. Then saw her age. How on earth does she look like she looks and I look like I look and yet she's only four years younger then me? There's something wrong there. Devil worship or simply mileage, I don't know. But something's going on here.

Of course, what Gareth failed to mention is the acquisition of scars as you age (Gareth will receive his the next time I see him). I told you about my latest operation last week and threatened to post a photo of my latest scar. Well, to counter-balance Miss Bullock's beauty I thought I'd show you my scar. I took all the dressings off on Sunday (while listening to the Human League - that was an important condition) and took this photo - it's not a bad scar (as scars go) and is about 1.5" but it seems to have changed the shape of my belly button. Once the hair grows back it shouldn't be too noticeable. It's quite sore at the moment, but hey, that's part of ageing...

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