Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bev at Selfridges

Tonight I went with Chris to see Beverley Knight at Selfridges. She wasn't shopping, she was doing a short promo set as part of Selfridges 100th birthday celebrations. She was on top form, in good voice and has a good new, short hair-do that really suits her (this isn't it> but I like the photo). A couple of old songs, one new song from the new album to be released later in the year and then a one-song encore. And that was it. But she was a happy, smiling Bev, taking time with the fans as she left - and annoyingly walked right past where we had been standing during the gig when she left the stage except we'd moved away by that time... drat!

The logistics for the event were less impressive than Bev, with lots of security men in suits moving people on to keep the aisles of the shop clear but not saying where we could actually stand to watch the star of the show. But I won't whinge.

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