Friday, 29 August 2008

Scarey Thursday

Yesterday (Thursday) was an odd day, starting off with nearly 2 hours in hospital and finishing with a 2 hours show about Kenneth Williams (well, in part).

I expect to go into hospital next weekend for another operation for my slipped disc. Yes, it's been playing up again so this time they'll cut out the offending disc and also trim back the back-bone to create more space for the nerves to run up and down my spine. O the fun I have!

I spent nearly 2 hours yesterday morning been prodded, swabbed in intimate areas, answering the same questions several times, having 3 ECG readings and 1 x-ray, blood taken, reflexes checked ... the works! Being told to take my diabetes pills before the op, then told not to take them, then being emphatically told I had to take 'em.... o well. I'll either go into a diabetic coma or I won't.

In the evening we went to the RVT to see David Benson's show about Kenneth Williams, 'Think No Evil Of Us'. It was an odd and strangely powerful show - he's got Mr Williams down to a 't' , in all his self-obsessed singularity, but it's when he was being 'himself' that I warmed to him. His strange tales about his mother's mental health, his days at school in Brum and his mother telling him that masturbating his partner won't make babies....

Kenneth Williams is a strange character - one of the stars of yesteryear but not a nice person. He pulled good face and make nice double-entendre quips but not really someone I would've liked to meet in real life. The image and film record is much nicer. I found some of David's scenes as Kenneth quite painful, the petty jealousies, the pretentions, the faux-humour... and he had it spot on. He was so good that I found it cringe-worthy, shrinking away from the phantasm he re-creates on stage. David's tales of his youth were equally as disturbing (and singing along to 'All Things Bright And Beautiful' was most odd) but more acceptible to me at least. It reminds me how lucky I've been in my life.

I think I'd rather have the physical pain to the mental pain portrayed in the show. Ideally, I'd have neither.

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