Sunday, 3 August 2008

Amanda The Tease

Miss Palmer is playing with me, posting videos of the songs from the album, 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer?' on YouTube.

I'm being strong, though, and not looking. I want to hear the album as a whole, not in pieces. I will, of course, ogle all the videos once I've finally heard the full album a few times. I'll need that initial full immersion, learn all the songs and drool over the artwork.

Oh, and I'll buy the book of photos of Amanda dead all over the world (as in the example above).

I'll see Amanda live and kicking in a couple of weeks time at the ICA and then again in October. Some things are so good they've got to be experienced twice...

Update: That Minx has put her videos on iTunes! There's no escaping... I can feel myself weakening...

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