Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Dresden Dolls Bonus Tracks

OK. You turn your back for 5 minutes and what happens? Those punk cabaret ragamuffins, The Dresden Dolls, sneak out bonus tracks on the digital download version of their new album, that's what happens. Head on over to your download store of choice and buy 'Glass Slipper [Live in St Louis]', 'A Night At The Roses' and 'I Would For You'. Like, cor!

I've got an older live version of 'Glass Slipper' on 'A Is For Accident', but this version was recorded on the last Dresden Dolls tour so is brand spanking new. 'A Night At The Roses' was originally released as the B-side to the 'Good Day' 7" vinyl and 'I Would For You' is a Jane's Addiction cover.

Go on folks, go and do the downloady thing and make yourself happy.

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