Saturday, 15 April 2006

Ahoy there! Is that a holiday I see?

Oh yes it is! Holiday, here I come!

I've just done some final bits of work and emailed them into the office so now my time is all my own to swing in hammocks and plodge in the sea and drink tequila and turn red in the sun! Mine all mine. I am *so* looking forward to this holiday - I haven't had a two-week holiday since autumn 2004 and a week just isn't long enough. Two weeks under a plam tree is what I need.

Chris is, of course, all packed and organised and I've yet to start (well, there's a pile of freshly washed summer shirts on the chair and I'm charging batteries for the camera but that's about it). I'm a bit of a last minute packer really. I know where the passport is, the credit cards and money and the tickets. The rest is window dressing.

It sounds like a nice relaxing sort of hotel too. No telly, set in tropical gardens on the outskirts of a small town, rooms in little cottages around the grounds, a real get-away-from-it-all place but within walking distance of town (Playa del Carmen) with shopping, restaurants, bars and night life. I was in Playa in the '90s so it'll be nice to return and see what's happened to the place.

A couple of pre-booked day trips to swim with dolphins and visit Mayan ruins. Other trips easy to arrange when we get bored with the beach (although at the moment I'm wondering if that's possible).

I want to go now! A 6am taxi to the airport isn't that inviting. And I can't tell Chris the time - we have a deal in that so long as he doesn't know the time he's happy to get up, but one hint at the real time and a bucket of cold water is needed!

Look for me under a palm tree...

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