Saturday, 11 November 2017

'Jim Lea - For One Night Only' DVD by Jim Lea

Jim Lea, also known as Jimmy Lea and James Whild Lea, was the bass player and multi-instrumentalist in SLADE and co-wrote the songs including all those hits in the '70s and early '80s. The SLADE wires on social media were buzzing last week after Jim hosted a special screening of his new DVD at the Robin 2, took part in a Q&A and then brought on his guitar and played four songs to send the crowd away happy. I wasn't there but I have his DVD and it's wonderful to see Jim on stage again after all these years - I last saw him on stage in 1981.

Since leaving SLADE Jim has only performed one proper live gig and that's the subject of this DVD. He did a one-off gig at the Robin 2 in Bilston in 2002 and the 'launch' screening of the DVD was also at the Robin 2. The DVD wasn't professionally filmed but some really good fan footage came to light and that's what this DVD is based on, with additional shots of Jim talking about each of the songs earlier this year. The live music is very familiar since the live albums first released as a download only a decade ago and then again last year as part of the re-release of Jim's album 'Therapy'. The live album is excellent, full of energy and is best played loud.

The gig footage in the DVD is new and has never been seen before. It's a bit rough and ready, a bit wobbly in places since it's fan video, but I think that actually enhances it. This isn't a professional gig - the two band members only met the afternoon of the gig - but the raw energy brings it all to life and is a great credit to Jim, the 'non-showman' in the band who puts on a great show that is thoroughly enjoyable. I had a huge grin of happiness on my face throughout this gig.

The excitement and video footage following the 'launch' last week made me want to see this DVD *now*. It was on my Christmas list for Santa but I decided I needed to see it *now* and I'm so pleased I did. Jim is still fighting off cancer and didn't want to promise to play live if he did't feel up to it so it was a great surprise that he played at all last week. Let's send best wishes to Jim Lea and hope for a full recovery... and then some gigs please!

Once a Lord of Noize always a Lord of Noize!

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