Monday, 23 November 2015

'Xanadu' - The Last Performance at Southwark Playhouse

Saturday night was the final performance of 'Xanadu' at Southwark Playhouse and it was sold out with a long queue to get into the theatre to grab good seats. Productions at Southwark never seem to run for very long but it's put on a couple of good 'uns this year, with 'Grand Hotel' over the summer and now 'Xanadu'. In both cases the cast were really getting into their stride when the run ended and last night's performance of 'Xanadu' was an excellent farewell from the cast.

The cast have grown into their roles, they know where the best laughs are and where there's scope to go over the top and the skating is with so much more confidence than the first time I saw them. Now is when the show should really be taking off but instead it's closed. I still have hopes that it might transfer into the West End but, even if it did, it probably wouldn't be the same. I still want to see it again, though.

The cast were all great fun and I want to record their names for posterity:

Carly Anderson as Kira/Clio, our heroine and leader of the Muses with the most fabulous Ozstralian accent ever.

Samuel Edwards as Sonny, our rather dim hero in short cut-offs and red headband.

Alison Jiear as Melpomene, the Evil Woman herself, she would smite Clio if she was a god.

Lizzy Connolly as Calliope, the other Evil Woman, cackling around the stage.

Emily McGoughan as Euterpe, who doubles as Maggie Smith in 'Clash of Titans'.

Nicholas Duncan as Thalia in his little blue skirt and Cylops mask.

Micha Richardson as Erato with her flowing locks and handy telephone box.

Joel Burman as Terpsicore with his big 'fro and alter-ego as a centaur.

Nigel Barber as Danny/Zeus who fell in love with Clio 40 years ago and built Xanadu for her.

It was all great fun and, if you missed it, you only have yourself to blame. I advised everyone to see it after my first visit and if you ignored that advice then you've got nobody to blame except for yourself.

It brought a smile to my face and a laugh to my throat before singing along to the finale of 'Xanadu'. I am honoured to use the sacred sigil of crossed forearms in front of the chest creating an X sign. This show will have a cosy little warm place in my heart and I will watch out for the magical cast in future - I hope they all go on to become great big international stars - including in Oz! And then I'll be able to say that I saw them when they daft and lovely in a little known musical off the Elephant & Castle.

Thank you cast and crew and thank you to Southwark Playhouse for bringing joy and light, even if only for a few weeks. Here's hoping for a transfer...

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