Monday, 23 November 2015

Vicky Pattison to WIN!

I made a tactical error last night when I turned on the telly and saw Ant and Dec introducing 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here' and thought I'd see what me Geordie lads were up to these days.  And then I noticed that the format was the same as it always was but something kept me from turning over and it was a woman who looked vaguely familiar. Then I was all 'it's HER, I know HER' and realised it was Vicky from 'Geordie Shore'. I've only seen repeats of that awful programme but too late, I was caught.

Vicky was doing a daft challenge with another reality TV "star" and she came across as a very likeable lass (no mentions of 'bangin' or booze anywhere) and had a lovely manner. I decided that I *like* her. I liked her even more when she took the piss out of herself for trying to look sexy while having a shower but she kept getting soap in her eyes. Down to earth is nice.

Vicky to WIN!

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