Friday, 21 August 2015

'The Champions'

Do you  remember 'The Champions'? It was a telly series from the late 60s about a team of super spies with special powers that saved the world every week. Alexandra Bastedo was blonde with the beehive with super-strength and ESP and William Gaunt and Stuart Damon (the mandatory American) were her side-kicks that did a lot of fighting and stuff. And 'The Champions' popped into my head tonight when I saw William Gaunt play John O'Gaunt in Shakespeare's 'Richard II' at The Globe. He didn't use his superpowers though.

He's still recogniseable despite the white hair and beard and his voice is just the same. He delivered a magnificent death-bed speech that threw me back to 'The Champions'. I didn't realise he was in this production since I booked the tickets ages ago but it was lovely to see him again, and this time in the flesh.

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