Thursday, 16 July 2015

Suzanne Vega at Cadogan Hall

I went to see Suzanne Vega at Cadogan Hall a few weeks ago - she's played there several times and seems to like it. It was just Suzanne and Gerry Leonard's inventive guitar work, with no band this time. I love seeing Suzanne play live - she has a very calming voice and she replaces the cares of the day with her thoughtful lyrics.

The latest tour seems to focus on her first album release 30 years ago - is it really that long ago? I have vague memories of first hearing 'Marlene' by Suzanne on Ned Sherrin's Saturday afternoon Radio 4 show 'Loose Ends' and thinking, 'that's a voice I want to hear more of...'. And I have.

The Cadogan show was a mix of 'greatest hits' and showcasing songs from her first album, 'Suzanne Vega' as well as songs from the latest album, 'Queen of Pentacles'.

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