Thursday, 30 July 2015

Buffy Sainte-Marie - 'Many A Mile'

In important Buffy news, her second album, 'Many A Mile' is finally available for the first time on CD. The blurb on Amazon says:

This is the last of Buffy Sainte-Marie's albums to make it into Ace's catalogue of her Vanguard releases. The delay was caused by the lack of a master tape and Ace did not want to dub it from disc. Thankfully a tape has now been discovered and they can fill the gap. Originally released in 1965 as VSD 79171. The album contains a fair percentage of traditional material including several Child ballads. Of her self-penned songs, Until It's Time For You To Go is the most famous.

Some of the songs on this album have been included on compilations over the years but the full album hasn't been available, at least in this country. I bought my copy from a record dealer in Italy and it came in a  reproduction cover but it'll be nice to have this new version.

Until recently, 'Piney Wood Hills' was a staple of Buffy's live set and, of course, she always plays the gorgeous 'Until It's Time For You To Go'. Other favourites are 'Los Pescadores' with her amazing and haunting voice banshee-wailing as the sea and the spine tingling 'Lazarus', just voice and hand-claps. And did you know that Kanye West sampled 'Lazarus' when he produced one of Cam'ron's albums? He did y'know, you can hear it plain as day on 'Dead or Alive' on the album 'Come Home With Me' (no idea if Buffy gets a credit).

I will get my pocket money out and invest in this record immediately! 

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