Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Sid Vicious - My Way

I've been reading Viv Albertine's book, 'Clothes, Music, Boys' and Sid Vicious features in Side One of the book as a friend and fellow band mate of Viv's (they were in the Flowers of Romance together, named by Johnny Rotten). Miraculously this song popped up on my iPod tonight on my way home so I thought I'd share it.

Sid had a short life and it doesn't seem to have been terribly pleasant but this was his moment and he took it. I, like everyone else, sneered at the post-Rotten Sex Pistols and the Swindle, until I saw this video and thought 'wow'. Sid is clearly just mimicking John Lydon's vocal mannerisms but he's great nonetheless. This was the moment when he could say I am Sid Vicious and I am great. And he was. 

Do you remember seeing this for the first time? I do. 

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