Sunday, 15 June 2014

A List Is Just A List

I'm a bit of a lister, me. I write lists. I don't mean shopping lists (other than at Christmas), my lists are far more interesting. I wrote a list of plays by Christopher Marlowe so I could cross them off as I saw each play. I write set lists after gigs for no particular reason other than I make lists. I make lists at work, not so much things I need to do but a list of what I'm not doing so, if or when something goes wrong I know I need to put it right. I have a list of every hug I've ever had from Amanda Palmer. Yes, I am that geeky.

I make my lists in a pocket sized black Moleskine notebook that travels most places with me. It's full of lists and notes and the occasional drawing and every now and then I'll open it randomly and see what I find. I've just opened it randomly roughly in the middle to find my notes of visiting the London Paralympics in 2012 and seeing swashbuckling. I've just opened it about three quarters of the way through to find a random quote from the George Bellows exhibition I went to at the Royal Academy in May 2013 and, on the opposite page, is the setlist from Yoko Ono's gig that opened her Meltdown series on the Southbank in June 2013.

There's all sorts in this little notebook. It's not a diary - this blog is probably more of a diary of my daily doings and visitings and seeings - but it is full of lists in chronological order. The last entry is a note about Viv Albertine' book launch at the Lexington on 3 June 2014. The next entry will be a list.

This weekend has been a bit of a remembrance one, remembering people and things and events from years ago. I've no idea why. I started thinking of all the bands and solo artists I've seen over the years and realised I only remember a fraction of them. So I'm going to start a list. I know I saw quite a few bands in the mid-70s and again in the early 80s but I can't remember that many (probably because I didn't keep a list).

I know I saw a lot of bands in 1981 because I was involved in the students union and helped out on gig nights but can't really remember that many. I remember seeing SLADE and Dave Hill offering me a cigarette (a Benson & Hedges), I remember seeing The Tourists and Annie Lennox's voice, I remember the Ramones, I remember Gary Glitter on his motorbike, I remember Lene Lovich and Wreckless Eric and Rachel Sweet and I remember The Clash. But who don't I remember?

I shall start a list of those I remember and then go through my record and cassette collection to see if any jog my memory, and then start on CDs and digital stuff. I know I never saw Siouxsie & The Banshees (I have no idea how I missed them despite buying all the albums) but I've seen Siouxsie several times in the last decade. Some people I didn't see back in the day but have made up for it more recently, like Poly Styrene, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Viv Albertine and, of course, the Sex Pistols.

So, watch this space for an epic blog in the form of a list...

... what else can I make a list of?

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