Monday, 25 November 2013

Poly Styrene Videos From 1983

I looked at the 'Poly Styrene RIP (A Tribute Page)' on Facebook this evening and saw that a video had been posted for 'Prayer For Peace' by Poly Styrene in 1983. Now, I'm familiar with 'Prayer For Peace' from the 1995 X-Ray Spex album 'Conscious Consumer' but a 1983 version was new to me. So I clicked play ... and then went 'WOW!'

Poly is dancing round the garden of what I assume is the Krishna consciousness estate donated by George Harrison singing 'Prayer For Peace'. All sorts of religions are represented in the video. And here she is...

Further browsing delivered Poly singing in the Hare Krishna tent at Glastonbury in 1983 with a band, singing 'Trick Of The Witch' that would be released on the 'Gods & Godesses' EP in 1986. It's not the best video but it's great to see that Poly can't stand still on stage, she's got to move.

I (obviously) had no idea that these videos existed and it's great to suddenly find them. It makes me wonder what else might turn up over time. Who knows?

Thanks to krsnaoldschool for posting the videos. 

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