Thursday, 1 December 2011

Poly Styrene - 'Black Christmas' and 'City Of Christmas Ghosts'

It is now December so I'm allowed to listen to Christmas songs in the run up to Christmas. The first song I listened to was 'Black Christmas' by the marvellous Poly Styrene that was released last year as a teaser for the new album. I love it.

I listened to a lot of my favourites on the way to work and coming home tonight, and then up popped 'City of Christmas Ghosts' by Goldblade featuring Poly Styrene. This was Poly's first new song in ages and came out in December 2008, a few months after her glorious X-Ray Spex gig at the Roundhouse at which Goldblade was the support band.

I loved this song when it was released (and still do) for getting Poly recording again, for its energy and its punk simplicity. It includes the line, "Raise a toast to the ghosts of the friends we lost last year" and that made me pause. We lost Poly this year. I won't stop listening to it and I'll think of her smiling and singing and bouncing along to the song.

I shall raise a glass and sing "La la la-la Christmas Ghost" most loudly!

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