Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Fra Angelico 7/12

I'm posting a photo of a painting I've seen by Fra Angelico each month on the 18th of the month to celebrate his feast day as a Beato. This month I've chosen a small painting from San Marco in Florence in, I think, the refectory. We see a Dominican monk (Saint Peter Martyr, one of the first Dominican saints) with his finger to his lips and a bible in his other hand. You can almost hear the sound of him saying 'ssshhhhh' as he encourages the friars to be quiet and study their bibles.

It's a lovely little painting, high up on the wall and in plain sight to everyone. Get any group of people together and the noise level rises and Dominican friars were no different. It's quite a fun way for Fra Angelico to get his message across.

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