Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Fra Angelico 4/12

On the 18th day of each month this year I'm posting a painting of Fra Angelico's that I've seen and want to share to celebrate his feast day on 18 February. This month I've chosen a painting from one of the cells at San Marco in Florence that Fra Angelico painted when he was a friar there.

Christ is risen in his glory and his disciples cower on the ground in shock and awe. He also places St Dominic in the picture, honouring the founder of the Dominican order.

Whenever I see this painting I wonder how the friars responded to it. Can you imagine sleeping in that cell and waking up in the morning so the first thing you see is your god in all his glory and power, defeating death and bringing a message of eternal life. What must that have felt like? 

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