Saturday, 31 December 2016

A Night At The Theatre Compendium

I've done it again, haven't I? Fallen behind with my blogging about nights out and now I'm running out of time before the year ends. So, here's a compendium of all the shows I've failed to blog about in the last month or so...

Side Show @ Southwark Playhouse

A musical tail of conjoined sisters in a freak show in early 20th Century America discovering love and fame. Really enjoyed this show and the production at Southwark, some great songs and great moments.

Chroma/Multiverse/Carbon Life @ Royal Opera House

A triple bill by the Royal ballet celebrating ten years of association with Wayne McGregor and it was marvellous. 'Multiverse' is a new ballet and was hard but I loved 'Carbon Life' and would happily see it again.

The Peony Pavilion @ Sadler's Wells

The National Ballet of China is on tour and stopped at Sadler's Wells for this production of great visual moments and a very confusing story. The moment when a million red rose petals dropped on the dancers will remain in my memory for a long time.

Dead Funny @ The Vaudeville Theatre

A comedy in the West End? Really? Yes, really, and about time too! This is really is laugh out loud funny and I thoroughly enjoyed it although it probably plays best to people of a certain age who know who the dead comedians are. The theatre looked about a third empty on the night I went which was a shame.

The Human League @ Royal Festival Hall

How have I not blogged about The Human League? Surely that's illegal! They were fab. Hit after hit after hit with a stunning light show, Phil striding round the stage and Susan and Joanne being lovely. Yes, we still love you!

Peter Pan @ National Theatre

 I was *so* looking forward to this show. We'd booked tickets ages ago and then heard that Sophie Thompson was pulling out from playing Mrs Darling/Capt Hook but I was still looking forward to it. There's be flying and shadow chasing and pirate battles and all sorts! And there was, but ... Expensive tickets and rather cheap-looking production.

The Red Shoes @ Sadler's Wells

The new Matthew Bourne production based on the film of the same name and, while I've never seen the fillum I loved this production! Very effective use of the very simple trick of turning the proscenium arch round to show front of stage and behind the scenes as necessary. Great characterisation and dancing (naturally) that draws you into the plot, lots of more 'formal' ballet steps given the story and a lovely set. Another hit for Sir Matthew and I look forward to seeing it again!

The Nutcracker @ The Royal Opera House

A perennial Christmas favourite from the Royal Ballet with Clara and the Nutcracker battling the Mouse King (and Clara clobbering him with her slipper) and then visiting the Land of Sweets through a cloud of snowflakes (I love the snowflakes) as guests of the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince. Marvellous (even if the Tree didn't quite work as it should).

She Loves Me @Menier Chocolate Factory

What's a show about a perfume shop got to do with Christmas? Because it's about love and the run-up to Christmas, that's what! And it is lovely on the small Choccy Factory stage with Scarlett Strallen as out heroine. It's an old fashioned Broadway show and is perfect to end this year with - the good guys win, love triumphs and some laugh out loud moments. I thoroughly enjoyed this show and will be happy to see it again. It was unapologetically charming and lovely and other such words as is right and proper.

Dreamgirls @ The Savoy Theatre

You've probably seen the film with Beyonce but this is the first time the show has been staged in London and about time too.  It's very glam and glitzy and doesn't stop to take breath but I do wonder if using talent show winners is the best way to find the right voices for the show. Still, it got a rapturous sting ovation so good on it!

I promise to be more up to date next year, honest! 

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