Wednesday, 15 June 2016

'Born To Boogie' at The Ritzy, Brixton

On Tuesday evening I received a benediction of glitter from the Electric Warrior and it was good. A re-mastered version of 'Born To Boogie' is being re-issued on DVD and CD and has received a limited cinema release. Miss seeing Marc Bolan and T.Rex on the big screen? I should co-co!

The film and the concert footage from the Empire Pool, Wembley, is 44 years old - how on earth did that happen? It's great to see Marc up on the screen in full rock god mode in his silver sequinned jacket and green satin trousers leaping, kneeling, strutting and generally being godlike. The excitement in that auditorium as he riffed on his guitar was almost palpable - this was real. And Marc clearly loved every minute of it.

It's the concert that's the centre of the film and the rest of it is a bit whimsical and hey-ho. Ringo Starr was obviously being the 'responsible adult' on the set - it was his film after all. Marc was the biggest thing since the Beatles at the time which is probably why Elton John was also featured on piano. Everyone wanted some of Marc's reflected light, preferably amplified by some glitter.

Marc does all the hits up to that point on stage and sat cross-legged for some, singing 'Cosmic Dancer' with his acoustic guitar. It was great to hear those songs live and pulsing on the screen. The energy and the madness was great to witness. 'Jeepster', 'Telegram Sam', 'Children of the Revolution' all beating out to ensnare to unwary with their perfect electric pop sounds. I liked the string quartet medley during the tea party segment with Marc cross legged on the grass and loved the final song, an extended version of 'Get It On' that just went on and on, spiralling upwards and Marc using a tambourine to play his guitar - Electric Warrior indeed! Wow! Stage shows were pretty basic back then with just the band and a few lights - what would he have been capable of with the technology and lighting racks we have as standard today?

Go and see this film if it's released near you and see what a real pop star looks and sounds like. It's deeply sad to think that a mere five years later Marc was gone.

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olderthanelvis said...

Wow! I'd love to see this again on a big screen.