Thursday, 18 June 2015

'Power In The Blood' on Billboard

Buffy Sainte-Marie has just posted a link to an interview she did with Billboard which starts off by asking about the song, 'Power In The Blood'. After crediting Alabama 3, she went on to say: 

"My version [of Power In The Blood] is a laundry list of contemporary issues that are challenging everyone right now. It's the age old racketeering problem that's been going on since before the Old Testament. The Roman Empire, the Inquisition -- the whole notion of rackets, where a few guys make a fortune and everyone else is exploited. And it's everything -- it's in the banks, it's in the tanks, in the military, the food supply, the college of business.... The business model at the moment is kind of fraud: Take as much as you can get and give back the least you can.

"It's a big, huge racket that everyone is seeing with new eyes now. "Power In the Blood" is a double entendre. On one end, it's the power of the feudal system to hurt and exploit us. The other power is the power in our brains to survive and evolve beyond this. To balance that with what we need -- common sense and respect for nature and each other."

Don't you wish that all your heroes were this strong, this powerful, this righteous?

And here's a video for the song, 'Power In The Blood' from her album of the same name.


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