Sunday, 21 December 2014

'Christmas Squirrel' by Kim Boekbinder

You know I mentioned that I was backing 'Instant Minute', the latest Kickstarter from Kim Boekbinder? She'll write a one minute song for every $100 raised and you can commission your own song. So I did and gave Kim two words to work with. Those were 'Christmas' and 'squirrel'.

True to her word, the song has arrived before Christmas so I now have my very own Christmas song.  Kim sent it last night along with the lyrics and here they are. It's lovely!

Dear readers, I give you 'Christmas Squirrel':

Twas the night before Christmas
and all round the world
not a creature was stirring
except for a squirrel

Shivering, quivering, 
fluffing her fur
burying presents 
just meant for her

Acorns and peanuts, 
a crust of old toast
Come Christmas she would be 
the squirrel with the most

She's a Christmas Squirrel
No boy or girl
In this great big world
Has it as good as a Christmas squirrel.

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