Monday, 17 November 2014

Kim Boekbinder and the Infinite Minute

That there Kim Boekbinder (aka The Impossible Girl) has come up with the daftest idea yet for a Kickstarter campaign - and that's 'daftest' in a totally positive way, obv. She's looking for funding to build a recording studio at her home so she can record her next album (and others after that) and so she's offering to write a one minute song for every $100 raised. And if you pledge $100 you get your very own song to do with as you see fit. If you pledge now, you could even get your very own song in time for Christmas! How's that for an interesting Christmas present for someone? As you'll know, dear Reader, I am a Christmasoholic and the temptation is terrible...

It's the Infinite Minute project and the songs will only ever be available to Kickstarter backers. You don't have to pay $100 of course - you'll be given all the songs even if you just pledge $1 but it gets more interesting as the money pledged increases.

You can read all about it and pledge here and you might want to watch Kim's video about one minute songs in which she performs a one minute song about the project.

Now then, how much do I want my very own Christmas song…?

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