Friday, 3 October 2014

'Central Park Arrest' - Thunder Thighs (and Lynsey de Paul)

I've mentioned Thunder Thighs and 'Central Park Arrest' a few times in this blog. I have Lynsey de Paul's version but not the single by Thunder Thighs. It's a song by Lynsey from 1974 that isn't available on any CD or digital channel but I remember from 'Top of the Pops' back in 1974. According to Wikipedia it reached Number 30 in the UK chart.  It's one of those mythic songs that exist in my memory but nowhere else… or does it?

I thought I'd do a google on the song and imagine my surprise and delight to find that it has finally been released on a compilation album from 2010 and is on iTunes for download. A picture search also showed up loads of photos of the picture sleeve that weren't available the last time I looked. What happened four years ago to make this song and pictures surface online? I've obviously missed something…

Thunderthighs have a great history as backing singers. They were the 'coloured girls' on Lou Reed's 'Walk On The Wild Side' going 'doo de-doo' and were on Mott The Hoople's 'Roll Away The Stone'. I also suspect they were part of the inspiration for 'Rock Follies'.

So, what did I do? I downloaded 'Central Park Arrest' and their follow-up single 'Dracula's Daughter' instantly, of course. What else could I possibly do? 

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