Sunday, 23 March 2014

#CockInASock 4 @BallsToCancer

Something strange happened on Twitter yesterday when loads of naked men and others with bare crotches posted photos of themselves with their willy modestly hidden within a sock. I did not join in - thought I'd say that right up front. I doubt the sight of a flabby white, hairy belly would do much for the cause but I do have the best socks in the world (obv). That's been proven on many occasions and is proven yet again below.

The cause was the male cancer charity Balls To Cancer. It hasn't been around very long but is making its mark by using social media and plain speaking messages. The sensible tweet from men showing off including text numbers to donate funding (text ball08 to 70070 to donate £2) but, whatever, it's raising awareness of the issue and that's a good thing. There seems to still be a thing about not showing the male body - or at least genitals - or talking about male-specific cancer or other illnesses. What's that about? Half of us are men and we know what we've got down there so what's the problem?

This weekend there also seems to have been a spate of #selfiewithoutmakeup postings on Twitter, with women posting photos of themselves without make-up. That then led onto a discussion about whether and why that was considered 'brave'. Amanda Palmer, who recognises no nudity taboo and who's naked body I have personally written on, was soon brought into the Twitter discussion and with killer precision posted:

there shouldn't be anything "brave" about looking like yourself. what kind of a fucked up world do we live in if that's true?
23/03/2014 16:52

It is a sad comment on us all that covering up is wrong and not covering up is wrong. Which one is right? Does it matter if either is right or should we all just go our merry way and be ourselves? The prude and the libertine have been warring for many years but I'd rather think we're all beautiful in our own way. Young people are all beautiful so are the wrinkly old couple walking along the street holding hands. And those of us in-between? Well, we're obviously the most beautiful of all!

So, here's a photo that was tweeted of the Ibiza Rugby Club doing the sock thing yesterday:

And here is a sample of my own socks (see? I told you... but no cock in them):

And here is Amanda Palmer singing 'Dear Daily Mail' at the Roundhouse in 2013 after the Daily Mail made an idiot of itself by commented on her escaped breast at Glastonbury (it has escaped many, many times before). I was there that night to clap along, enjoy the humour and joined in the final 'up yours!' at the end. Watch and enjoy!

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